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Web Application

Our bespoke software development services can make your business processes more efficient and cost effective. We provide bespoke software to a diverse client base which includes businesses both large and small. Our team of Zend Certified Engineers and developers are experts in our industry. We specialise in developing high quality bespoke software and web applications which enable our customers to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Software Development Solutions

Custom software applications can include any aspect of your business from areas such as sales, finance or data sharing and booking systems. We can design your software to integrate with your existing applications, ensuring compatibility whilst providing a positive experience for your customers. We provide tailored solutions which fit the way you work and pull all of your existing data and applications together. Not only do we develop the software using bespoke code, we also manage the implementation process ensuring it is smoothly embedded within your company processes.

Technologies we employ

The Developers at Magma Digital are comfortable using a number of technologies and we have a wide range of experience across the internet and related fields. However, we mainly use PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux (collectively known as LAMP). This provides a cost effective, secure and scalable set of solutions for your business, mainly due to the fact they are based on free (open source) licences. However, this does not mean they’re un-supported (as is the common belief). They’re actually supported and managed by a large number of companies like ourselves, making them an ideal choice for bespoke development as costs are not directed into license fees.

Knowing business

We understand the needs of modern businesses, large or small and how bespoke software development can be used to improve performance and profitability. Our industry experience includes:

  • Accounting
  • Pharmacies
  • Legal trade
  • Fulfillment centres
  • Councils etc.
Our experience in various industries and projects means that our developers are always up for a new challenge!