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Mobile Application

We help companies realize mobile app ideas into reality.

Sevenis a leading mobile app development company base in Bangkok, We offer solutions and platform of HTML, ASP.net, PHP and android for development over a multi OS platforms. Our in-house team gives the capability to Design, Conceptualize, Develop and Deliver complex and useful apps. We provide user-friendly interface, security and accessible back-end and way of business abilities into your creative mobile apps.

We admire creative ideas for mobile apps and those clients who think out of the package and sharing the technical practicability of their ideas. Having seen the predominant usage of mobile phone, we offered the popular mobile apps that continued rising. Our mobile apps make your mobile world convenient through our technology. We provide our inputs, solutions and consultancy to get your achievements and requirements. We have expertise in developing apps of Android phones, iPhones, iPads etc. We make an environment of Building, Designing, Implementation, Testing and Deliver the best mobile applications for Android apps, Windows apps, BlackBerry apps and iOS. We have chosen to work with large brands and great organizations. We are the industry leader in Mobile apps development and originally offered for general efficiency and information recovery, including email, contacts, banking, stock markets, social networking and weather information. Though, we have such command on public demands.

Our team of developers makes rapid extension to apps market, such as mobile game, GPS and knowledgeable apps, e-Commerce, music and banking etc.

We made an explosion competition in mobile apps market in numeral and variety of apps, which commanded to the establishment of a vast range of evaluation and recommendation. eSec Forte developed a large number of projects on the android, iPhone, iPad and windows apps. We customized iOS, Android and serve HTML5 consultant and Web development services. With an array of expertise on a different platforms and devices, we are happy to work with the ideal solution for your requirement.

ประเภท mobile application ที่เรารับพัฒนา

Mobile application for E-Commerce

An online e-commerce system in native application connecting seamlessly with web system, designed for all business striving to expand e-commerce capability to reach mobile customers

Mobile application for Sales tool

An application to create sales materials for your sales department with almost limitless possibility for all types products & services, e.g. real estates and etc.

Mobile application for News & Blog

Connecting your content media websites to mobile native application to unleash power of accessibility to millions of readers and ability for realtime update.

Mobile application for Media Listing

A specific purpose application for online announcements in marketplace system

Support in

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Window phone

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