• Apple introduces tool to prevent loss of iMessages

    by Seven Admin

    Apple has released a webtool to prevent the loss of text messages once a former iPhone owner switches to a new phone operating system

    iMessages getting lost between devices should be a thing of the past following the launch of Apple's new confirmation code-based tool Apple has launched a tool to prevent the loss of text messages when switching from iOS to other mobile operating systems.

    For years iPhone owners who switch to other non-Apple phones and wish to keep the same number have complained that iMessages sent to them once they have changed phones have failed to be delivered as regular text messages.

    iMessaging allows iPhone users to send texts to other iOS devices via Apple's servers, bypassing text messaging charges. Non-iOS devices cannot receive the messages, meaning some users have been left unable to read messages sent to them from Apple devices as their number remains registered to their Apple account.

    Previously Apple has recommended deserters to deactive the iMessage setting in the weeks before ceasing use of their iPhone, resetting their Apple ID password or calling Apple support on 0844 209 0611 to be manually unsubscribed from the servers.

    The new web tool deregisters users' phone numbers by sending a six digit confirmation code in a text message. Entering the code into the site will complete the process.

    While the issue does not appear to extend to previous iPhone owners, a California-based woman filed a law suit against Apple in May claiming the company failed to disclose its knowledge of the problem. Apple and Ms Moore agreed to attempt to resolve the matter using private mediation in October.

    Earlier this year the company said it had it recently "fixed a server-side iMessage bug which was causing an issue for some users," and was working on an additional fix for future software updates to prevent the loss of messages.